Kids Zone by Whizpa (Sat 12:30-4:30pm & Sun only)

With the world’s largest restaurant festival fast approaching the Taste of Hong Kong sets to break new records with over 60 dishes to choose from, boasting Hong Kong’s finest restaurants. This year due to high demand comes the highly anticipated kids zone sponsored by Whizpa. Whether you’ve lived in Hong Kong all your life or just attending the festival, our helpful Whizpa kids zone guide will help you find something to keep the children entertained over the weekend.

Whizpa known for being the largest online kids activities platform for parents to search, rate, review  and purchase kids activities is set to host a memorable experience for families and kids of all ages. With star appearances including The Genius Workshop, Venture Studios, Origami, First Code Academy, Etiquette and Leadership Institute, Woodland Pre-schools, Baker & Bloom and BuddyPhones. The range of immersing activities include coding, photography and cooking, so why not stop on by and let your child’s imagination run wild.

The Genius Workshop

The Genius Workshop is a learning institution rooted from Canada and established in Hong Kong in 2004. They focus on the development and delivery of S.T.E.M. Education curriculum to children aged 3 to 14 in both academic and non-academic settings. Since 2004, they have expanded our branches to Shanghai, China, they have 18 different branches stretching across the Greater China area. Their proven curriculum has been successfully delivered to thousands of children across Canada, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the United States.

Land Yachting – How do we use the wind to move things? Children  will build a land yacht and learn about using wind energy as a source of power.  As part of the 15 minute experience, students will experiment with different sized sails to figure out if bigger is always better; and see who can create the fastest land yacht.

Robo Candy – In this 15 minute class, students will learn the basics of coding and code their Robo Candy Conveyor to deliver candy.  The Candy Conveyor has three sections that each move differently, and participants will have to figure out how to code them all to work together.

Genius Workshop robotics workshop will only be available on Sunday, 24 March.

Venture Studios

Capturing magical moments is a art form, finding the right pose, keeping in frame but Venture Studios are the first point of call when it comes to making the moment last forever. Breathtaking moments, everlasting memories,

Venture Studios will never miss the beat.

The Venture Photo Booth – Their photos will capture the spirit of who you and your family are. After transforming the best images into a stunning collection, Taste, Snap & Amaze,  you’ll see how your images bring your unique story to life. Then they can discuss exactly how best you can display your beautiful new images in your home.

Come visit Venture Studios at the Kids Zone and get your family portrait or children’s photo taken for free. There will be special offers post event for families who are interested in enquiring further with us after. Great way to savour the moments or simply keep them for memory at the annual Taste of Hong Kong.


Origami kids cafe is an innovative space incorporating educational play, exquisite delicacies, creative workshops and beyond. It was born with a purpose of creating quality family bonding time through bringing play back to its basics.

Designed for little humans aged from 0-7 years old, Origami is crafted by world-renowned and award winning designer Alan Chan. Presenting house structures and motifs in a little town, it boasts a safe, stimulating and boundless environment for children and adults to explore. The space’s design allows parents to interact with their children as they read, create, build and climb. Simply relax and sip your drink in the cafe area while you keep a watchful eye over your kids who are merrily occupied in one of our inspiring experiences.

Taste Of Origami’s professional cooks will be alongside children helping create fantastic tasting cake pops! Learn from start to finish, how to a bakery chef, from measuring the right amount of ingredients to then smelling the sweet scent of your cake pops baking in the oven!


First Code Academy

First Code Academy was founded with the mission to provide students with digital literacy and computational thinking skills and empowering them to become creators with technology. Using proprietary curriculum adapted from Silicon Valley high schools, our after-school learning programs are incorporated in learning environments designed to stimulate inquiry based learning, logical thinking and creative problem solving.

First Code Academy workshops will only be available on Saturday, 23 March.

There will be coding and robotics workshop bound to entertain and challenge your child (4-12 years old!). So bring your thinking hats!!

ELI, Etiquette and Leadership Institute

Want to share your love of fine dining with your children but avoid taking them out to eat because you’re not sure they’ll know how to behave?  Or worried they’ll do something embarrassing? You’re not the only one!

Your child CAN be confident, poised and polite at formal meals.   Come for a complimentary “taster” lesson with Bernice Lee, Hong Kong’s Trusted Etiquette Expert.  She teaches youth in six prestigious private clubs and schools, too! Come with your child or teen (age 7+) to experience 10-15 minutes of Ms. Lee’s popular Western Dining Skills Tutorial.  Students will learn essential table manners that everyone should know.

Important Note: 

1.No food is served

2.Each child MUST be accompanied by an adult



Woodland Pre-schools

For 40 years Woodland Pre-Schools have set the standard in Hong Kong for quality early years education ensuring the best start and a seamless transition to Primary Years. The 9 schools conveniently located across Hong Kong, provide both traditional and Montessori learning approaches and are fully accredited. Classes are taught in English, Pure Mandarin and Bilingual.

Woodland Pre-Schools will be running an arts and crafts workshop at the Kids Zone on Saturday, 23 March 2019 only. There will be fun and creative activities to challenge and keep your little ones occupied aside from enjoying the wonderful food and drinks at Taste of Hong Kong. Each child must be accompanied by an adult at the workshop.

Baker & Bloom

Baker & Bloom is a K-12 education organization that immerses students in academic rigor and creative thinking to prepare them for studying abroad and future careers.

With the advent of AI and unpredictable global forces, young people need to be adaptive and embrace lifelong learning to survive and thrive. Baker & Bloom understands this need, so we empower students with optimal mindsets and 21st-century skills through excellence in teaching.

We offer a signature program to inspire an appreciation of reading and writing, a project-based STEM program, internship opportunities, and admissions counseling. Our professional and passionate teachers and original Four-Leaf Approach motivate students to learn deeply. One student at a time, we enhance potential and creativity.

Is your child a picky eater? In this workshop, we hope to teach students the skills they need to be a food critic. Students will play games and learn the vocabulary necessary in order to express what they love about the food they are eating. They will have guided practice to utilize those skills with our teachers from Baker & Bloom.


Do you dream of being a designer, engineer, or inventor? Join us at the BuddyPhones booth to give our unused headphones new life! We need creative little kids to help us upcycle our old parts into interesting new creations. A robot? A snowman? A flying car? What you make is up to your imagination! Feel good about what you make knowing that we are recycling plastics, reusing materials, and reducing waste in a fun STEM-related activity.

BuddyPhones workshops will only be available on Sunday, 24 March.

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