Celebrity Chef: East Vs West

Grand Premiere on Fox Life and FOX+ on 25 March

FOX Networks Group Asia (FNGA) is launching the first season of Celebrity Chef: East Vs West soon – an original series documenting a fiery culinary competition between popular Hong Kong super star Nicholas Tse and renowned celebrity chef David Rocco.

In an original production to air on Fox Life, FOX+ and Nat Geo People in Asia Pacific and Tencent in China, the five-part series sees these renowned celebrity chefs travel to different cities around Asia where they will learn about the city, its food and culture, and prepare a local dish handpicked by a local Chef, putting their culinary skills to the test.

Representing the East is Nicholas Tse, a jack-of-all-trades known for singing, acting and now his culinary skills. On the opposing camp representing the West is David Rocco who brings his passion for food to millions of kitchens every day through his television programmes and his bestselling cookbooks where he shares the perfect combination of food, travel and a celebration of the sweet life.

‘Celebrity Chef: East Vs West’ will premiere on 25 March 2018 at 9.00pm, on FOX Life (Now TV Channel 521 and i-Cable Channel 312) and FOX+

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