The Nutter Company


The Nutter Company, established in 2015, has introduced the concept of freshly handcrafted nut butters in Hong Kong, driven by our passion for a delicious taste, unique texture and quality ingredients. All nut butters are made locally in a licensed facility, using quality imported nuts which are roasted at low temperature, in order to bring out the rich natural flavours and retain all the nutritional goodness.

Our nut butters are simple but versatile, the main collection features nut butters that are made of 100% nuts only, with no added oil, salt, sugar or additives, and is gluten, cholesterol and dairy free. Not only does it bring you the health benefits, it also gives you the flexibility to tailor the nut buttes to match your own taste, depending on how you like them (e.g. by adding honey, sea salt, etc.)!

We have been fortunate enough to share our passion of healthy and quality food at various occasions including Tong Chong Street market as well as other wellness events, and we hope to continue sharing our nut butters to everyone in Hong Kong, for you to enjoy your nuttiest moment!

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