Brand Connect is pretty simple, really. We love great spirits and liqueurs, and we do our best to bring them to drinkers in Hong Kong. We believe in well-made products that have a heart, a soul, and a story worth telling, but mostly, we import the brands we want to drink, and work with the people we want to drink with. 

We supply most of Hong Kong’s best Bars, Restaurants, and 5-star Hotels with award winning products like Michter’s American Whiskies, G’Vine Gin, FAIR spirits, Hine Cognac, and many more.

We are also a team that has over 25 years experience behind craft cocktail bars, and we try to be as open as possible with our expertise, offering training, consulting, and advisory services to new and old concepts alike.

Finally, we think a lot of our products can be enjoyed in the company of your own home, here in Hong Kong, so in addition to those great beverages, we have some great Cocktail Making equipment, tutorials, and recipes that are easy to try out at home, without a separate trip to the supermarket just for that Old-Fashioned.

Come check out our booth at Taste of Hong Kong for great cocktails, spirits, and more!

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