Sweetpea Cafe

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Sweetpea started her delicious cake business from a small one-man-band home-kitchen based online shop in 2009, mainly making organic cupcakes, and catering for private parties and teaching kids in international schools sharing her love and passion for baking and cooking, while making Sweetpea’s appearance in Sunday markets and school fairs back then.

After having the first taste of opening up my first three-month pop-up shop in Hysan Place Causeway Bay in 2015 — Sweetpea Cafe finally found her permanent home at Hong Kong’s eclectic Soho neighbourhood and having gained a large crowd of fans who are drawn by our insta-worthy healthy, light, fluffy and airy cakes which are completely free of gluten, and with vegan options.

Keenly aware of the general public’s misconception of gluten free baked goods being overly dense, bland and not tasty, here at Sweetpea, our mission is to prove you that our gluten free cakes and pastries and breads could easily be much better than anything else! And they’re absolutely perfect for your conscious-eating life style, free from any artificial flavourings and additives. And now we also offer a wide range of dairy free, vegan, paleo and even Keto options to suit pretty much any kind of diet that works for you:)

Driven by love, passion, flavour and quality, after one and half years of opening her door in central, Sweetpea is bringing her gluten free goodness to the brand new Eaton hotel on the Kowloon side, a green hotel where we share the same core value.

Come to Sweetpea to have a slice of cake, not because it’s gluten free, but because it’s one of the best cakes you’ll try in Hong Kong! Come to Sweetpea to have a plate of hot food, not just because it’s gluten free, but because it’s the food that would nourish your body and you’ll feel just like home as we are known for our warm, friendly, caring and chatty staff as well. Sweetpea is this little cozy quiet place where you can lay back, chill and enjoy some conscious food ❤

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