Sabatino Tartufi Hong Kong



SABATINO TARTUFI is a family business founded in 1911 in Umbria, Italy. Over many years the company has been run by the members of one family, with the same respect and love for their land, hard work and family values.

Truffle is the most mysterious and precious fruit of the forest, highly sought after for its unique and complex aromas, so delicate that it takes great knowledge and skill to preserve the taste and quality intact.

SABATINO TARTUFI is a company combining deep rooted Italian traditions with modern technologies to offer you the most authentic truffle experience all over the world. The company has production sites in Italy (Umbria) and in the US (Connecticut) and branch offices worldwide, including New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Toronto, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Today it is a large, dynamic and innovative company, able to make the luxury of truffles accessible on everyone’s table. However some things never change: family values, Italian quality and our love for truffles.


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