R&A Wine


The first wine was reported to be brewed in Persia (Iran) since 5000BC.  Until now,  wine production can be found almost all over the world.  Among these wine countries, Italy is indeed the top producer in the world.  Although they produce the highest quantity of wine, we have only limited choices from Italy available in the market.  The reason is not because of the lacking of good wines, but many of the excellent wines have been consumed within the regions in Italy and there is no necessity for them to export.  It will definitely be a pity for the wine lovers in Asia to miss such good quality wines.  R&A was established by a group of enthusiastic people who have the close connections with the Italian wine makers.  They are trying all their best to source good quality wines from Italy with reasonable prices.  So, the wine lovers have the opportunities to enjoy the Italian fine wines with a reasonable price.  If you have interests in our wines, please email our colleagues for further details.

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