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The “Deliciousophy” of everyday. –Kourmet 52

Kourmet 52, symbolizes good food for every day. In connection with the best farmers and producers around the world, Kourmet 52 aims to deliver premium produce and grocery carefully selected by our gourmet experts, directly from the origin to food lovers, from farm to table, ensuring freshness, quality, safety, healthy, and most importantly, better life.

Our Deliciousophy: Freshness: we bring food directly from farm to table Quality: we select premium, exclusive or award-winning products Seasons: we believe food in season is fresher, tastier and more nutritious Health: we choose food with high nutritional value, less additives Safe: we care how food is grown, produced and packed Taste: we appreciate authentic taste from nature Responsibility: we make careful and responsible choices for you Convenience: users can access good food and latest gourmet trends on our platform.

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