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Our products bring together a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern technology to deliver a range of natural, Manuka Honey-based products for health and wellbeing. Kiwi Manuka’s products draw on the knowledge of New Zealand’s Maori people, who have used Manuka in their traditional medicine for centuries, together with the development of modern research and clinical study. In partnership with landowners, our Manuka Honey is sustainably sourced from vast natural plantations in some of the remotest regions of New Zealand.

Tea therapy lies in the homology of medicine and food

Founded by tea family in Hong Kong, Yumthé insist in using 100% natural, organic herbs and tea, to assist you in absorbing natural nutrition. Each Yumthé blend is infused with Chinese and Western natural herbs, it’s more than just a drink, it contains the essence of nature and nutrients to keep your healthy lifestyle in the easiest way.

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