Istanbul Express


Istanbul Express was founded in 2005, since then we are offering best Turkish food in Hong Kong.

Our restaurants offer Turkish kebab and various barbecue food, which accommodate any and all occasions for customers. Istanbul Express have been serving authentic delicious Turkish food in a cozy, warm and friendly environment, decorated with Turkish cultural displays.

This year, we would like to introduce the best Mediterranean Bear to every one of you, Efes Pilsen. Efes beer exports to over 50 markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. It is the best-and the best selling beer in Turkey, fortunately, you can taste it in Hong Kong right now! Efes Pilsen is a very drinkable beer with little brew, something that would be perfect for a afternoon or evening.

We welcome you to visit us at F11 and have a nice beer with every one there. See you on 22-25 March!

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