Infiniti C

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INFINITI C is a Gluten Free Cafe located in vibrant and rather relax area in Kennedy Town. Our primary objective is to promote specialty coffee through our connection between us and customers. We believe customers’ experience is our top priority. That is why we have chosen Gardelli (World Coffee Roasting Champion 2017) for our espresso based coffee to strive for consistency. We also source different coffee beans of different origins from different roasteries around the world and share with everyone to explore the potential of coffee beans.

Delicious food should not have any restriction to anyone. Regardless their food allergy, intolerance, especially dessert. All our food is Gluten Free (including cakes!) And a lot of them are free from the common allergy ingredients. Therefore everyone are able to enjoy cakes without worries!

We try to use our ingredients as raw as possible, not only are they fresher and free from chemicals, but also produce less carbon footprint. When it comes to food choices we try to avoid red meat, because they tend to have stronger flavours and it can affect our taste buds when we taste our coffee after a meal, so food pairing is also part of our decision when it comes to ingredient selections.

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