Deibérica originates from Barcelona, Spain. Our vision is to promote the Spanish tradition and culture worldwide. We produce and export the most traditional and premium products to Asia.

The farm is located in Salamanca, Guijuelo – This area is known to produce one of the finest Spanish ham in the world. Since 1907, the first factory and shop was established. Our first retail store in Hong Kong was opened in April 2016.

With over 100 years of experience, the farm is a founding member in the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Guijeulo and certified by Tierra de Sabor (a quality mark of Castilla y Leon) which guarantees the quality of our products.

Deibérica produces high quality of Iberian products : such as, iberico ham and sausages. Other than that, we offer other Spanish products, like Serrano ham, olives, olive oil, wine and ham cutting matching accessories. Deibérica can tailor made the taste and quality of the products to suit personal needs and preferences.


45 Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong


T: +852 2328 7535

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