Bless is dedicated to offer the real and tasty juice to the discerning customers. Our Cold-pressed juices contain rich minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, designed to detoxify and regenerate your body to stay young and rejuvenated.

We boast an array of cold pressed juices, from single flavored juices, mixed flavored juices to detox juice cleanse programs. All juices are pressed daily in Hong Kong while all ingredients are 100% raw with absolutely no sugar and no preservatives are added. The freshness of our fruit combined with our carefully designed cleansing diets are going to spoil your taste buds and maximize your well-being.

We have retail shops in 14 locations across Hong Kong and Macau. We also supply airline, 5-star hotels, theme park, catering groups and supermarkets.

We deliver the exceptional quality of juices and insist to offer the best option to the lifestyle consumers.

Come say Hello at our booth in Taste of Hong Kong and indulge yourself in the extraordinary juicy experience!

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