Bellota Bellota

Iberian gastronomy


Bellota-Bellota® is a brand dedicated to the finest traditional Iberian gastronomy, centered around the amazing Iberico ham (Pata Negra ham), considered by many to be the world’s finest, most exquisite product, hand-sliced to satisfy demanding palates with its outstanding flavors or intense aroma.

Bellota-Bellota is a lifestyle concept with modern flair, celebrating the best of French gastronomy paired with Spain’s exceptional produce and inclusive culture. Their gastronomic offering includes cured meats, Cantabrie anchovies and manchego cheese, a selection of only the best produce that Spain has to offer. All hams are hand-sliced by professional, fully trained Master Cortadors, and vacuum packaged in greaseproof paper to preserve quality.

At a time when luxury products are going through a rough period, Bellota-Bellota® seduces, innovates and naturally attracts the media’s attention.

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