Diverxu Limited was started in July 2011. We are an importer of Spain gouement products. Diverxu is also the brand under which our ham and cured meat, and other categories are marketed. Esther Ng, our founder lived in La Coruna, Galiciz in Spain.During the years she lived in Spain, she got to understand more about the Spanish food culture and have grown to appreciate Spanish cuisine. She is also fascinated by the variation of cuisines in different regions even though Spain is a small country,

Diverxu was born out of Esther’s passion for Spanish cuisine. As iberico ham is the jewel of the Spanish gourmet, it is the first product she introduced to Hong Kong. Besides iberico ham, we also source different Spanish products from different regions. Before adding in new products, we often visit the factories to understand the whole production process and make sure their quality is in line with the philosophy of Diverxu.

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