Cookie DPT


Cookie Department (DPT) was born from a yearning for home and family. Wil Fang, the Founder, moved to Hong Kong over nine years ago from the USA and whilst enamoured by the buzz, culture and diversity of Hong Kong, he discovered there was a lack of traditional baked treats, and so began his curiosity of American-style cookies that reminded him of his childhood.

After spending several years in Asia working in fashion, tech and lifestyle, Wil set up a multi-brand store in Taipei called DPT – a modern, intelligently curated “department” store.  Behind DPT was a quaint cafe called Coffee DPT, a place where customers could enjoy a cup of coffee and an American-style home-baked cookie whilst they shopped for the latest fashion trends.

It didn’t take long before the locals and travellers to Taipei stopped by just to try the cookies. Simultaneously frequent travel between Taipei and Hong Kong got Wil thinking about the potential of the same cookie back home, this was affirmed by constant requests from friends to ferry back orders from Taipei.

Partnering with friend and Architect, Lex Mak, Cookie DPT was born in mid-2018. Cookie DPT started out incognito; Cookies could only be ordered via direct message on Instagram and through a curated selection of cafes around Hong Kong, It didn’t take long before we shared our cookies to a wider audience with Pop-Up locations around the city. They proved a big hit, selling out at Wine and Dine, Tong Chong St and PMQ markets consecutively.

Freshly baked, crisp on the outside while decadently moist and chewy on the inside. Each cookie weighs a generous 130g and is made to order in the morning and delivered direct to your doorstep.

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