Capitalizing on the rich knowledge of milk products from Namyang Dairy Products, its parent company established in 1964, Baekmidang is the name behind an exceptional constellation of desserts. The signature milk ice cream, made with 100% organic milk directly from the farm, carries the sincerity of farmers and the freshest taste from nature in every bite. Designed with precision, Baekmidang’s ice cream and ice cream cones have elevated the dessert onto the level of artwork, one that gives both gastronomic and visual pleasures.

Baekmidang is famed for its organic milk ice cream and the flexibility to top it with premium ingredients or fruits to create various flavours. Seasonal and time-limited flavours are available occasionally.

In addition to ice cream, the brand has launched a wide selection of organic tea, coffee and confectionary items, and many of which are made with organic ingredients. Fresh organic chocolate, handmade milk cookies, chiffon cake, pound cake, to name just a few. With quality ingredients and artisanal craft, the brand has been popular among food lovers.

The brand made a successful start by bringing premium and natural ingredients and artisanal craft together, and now has 86 stores in Korea. The first overseas branch opened at K11, Hong Kong in 2017, stirring an immediate craze with a highest daily sale of 1,500 cups of ice cream. The brand expanded last year and set foot in Harbour City (Tsim Sha Tsui), Hysan Place (Causeway Bay) and Pacific Place (Admiralty), opening branches and pop-up stores, and has been ever since frequented by locals and tourists.

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