Taran Chadha

Sub-continental Fusion

With over 15 years of F&B industry experience, Chef Taran Chadha is the heart and soul of BlackSalt.

His passion for food and commitment to the Hong Kong dining scene is encapsulated in every aspect of his restaurant. As a blend of his culinary skills and creative interests, BlackSalt not only gives you a glimpse of Taran’s life growing up in Hong Kong, but takes you through his vast experiences of working internationally.

Having left University to fulfil his childhood passion of becoming a chef, Taran started working small kitchens in the US. After years of working for some of Hong Kong’s largest restaurant groups, BlackSalt is the opposite of the city’s corporate dining scene.

Eating at BlackSalt is like an invitation to the Chef’s home – with hearty portions, rich flavours and intimate surroundings, everything about his restaurant speaks to his philosophy of a dining experience that showcases high-quality, honest comfort food in a warm, neighbourhood setting.

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