Nicholas Chew


Executive Chef Nicholas Chew’s introduction to the world of culinary arts began at the age of 25, after he made the decision to switch careers as an interior designer in Singapore, so inspired was he by the direct creative expression that cooking allowed.

Nicholas started working at kaiseki restaurants in Japan, and quickly moved up the ranks by absorbing the precision, minimalism and seasonality that Japanese cuisine demands.

After graduating from culinary school in Melbourne in 2007, he applied his skills at One Hat Award-winning restaurant Shoya, becoming increasingly enamoured with the region’s unrivalled natural produce in the process. He also expanded his creative range through catering to internationally-renowned racers of the Formula 1, Moto GP and Flemington Race events.

His desire to broach new foodscapes soon landed him in Hong Kong working under culinary luminaries such as the late Michel del Burgo of L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon and Shane Osborn of St Betty. In 2013, Nicholas was invited by two-Michelin-starred Chef Christophe Pelé of La Bigarrade and Le Clarence to become the Executive Chef at new French restaurant Serge et le Phoque. During his tenure, he would see the restaurant through to achieving its first Michelin star thanks to his strict epicurean philosophy that encompasses the four core pillars of simplicity, agility, precision and composure.

Following his success at Serge et le Phoque, Nicholas led a complete reimagination of Bibo that is most expertly realised via his unique culinary sensibilities. Drawing from his diverse French and Asian culinary background, Nicholas’s creations are at once agile, imbued with passion, and above all, original, taking the dining experience at Bibo to new heights.

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