Jim Löfdahl


The Flying Elk by Björn Frantzén

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, In 2008 he met Bjorn Frantzèn and it would have a huge impact on him as a chef as Bjorn went on to become one of Jim’s most significant mentors. Jim honed his skills within the fine dining realm and was rewarded when the restaurant earned its Michelin Stars, the first in 2009 and a second in 2010.

Jim was appointed Head Chef of Frantzèn/Lindeberg in 2011. In 2016, he took the restaurant on the road to do a three month pop up at the Palazzo Versace, Dubai. With a successful international reception achieved, it was decided to set up the Frantzen name in Hong Kong in a permanent location, opening Frantzen’s Kitchen in November 2016 with Jim at the helm.

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