Jim Löfdahl


Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Jim Lofdahl started his chef journey at culinary school in 1999 before securing his first job in the kitchen at a members golf club in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm in 2002. For the five years that followed, Jim gained experience at a number of kitchens all over Stockholm before meeting Bjorn Frantzen in 2008. This encounter would have a huge impact on him as a chef as Bjorn went on to become one of Jim’s most significant mentors. Working as one of a handful of chefs at Frantzèn/Lindeberg, Jim honed his skills within the fine dining realm and was rewarded when the restaurant earned its Michelin Stars, the first in 2009 and a second in 2010.

Having proven himself throughout this journey to success, Jim was appointed Head Chef of Frantzèn/Lindeberg in 2011. In 2016, he took the restaurant on the road to do a three month pop up at the Palazzo Versace, Dubai. With a successful international reception achieved, it was decided to set up the Frantzen name in Hong Kong in a permanent location, opening Frantzen’s Kitchen in November 2016 with Jim at the healm. Today, he manages all aspects of the restaurant and is further evolving as a chef and restaurateur with each new learning that Hong Kong provides. As the first year of operation comes to a close with a fantastic appreciation by Hong Kong diners, Jim looks forward to the future and the second year of Frantzen’s Kitchen.


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