Gary Tsang


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chef Gary Tsang is a seasoned kitchen professional who has devoted his career to cooking. He started his career at the age of 19 after he moved to the USA to pursue his culinary dream. He has worked for Zuma Hong Kong for almost a decade, after spending nine years in New York honing his skills and gaining experience at notable restaurants. Gary is the only Chinese Sushi Chef in the entire Zuma group worldwide, not to mention one of the few Chinese Sushi Chefs in the world. His inspiration comes from reading extensively about sushi making, cooking and ingredients.

Gary’s dedication to the storied art of sushi preparation grew out of a natural curiosity about the hundreds of flavour combinations that could be yielded from fish and rice. With the hands and knife skills of a true master sushi chef, Chef Gary’s magic touch is displayed on every plate through creativity and exploration of endless possibilities.

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