Chan Hon Cheong


Starting off as an apprentice and with over 25 years of Chinese culinary experience, Chef Cheong has worked in the food and beverage industry since 1991.  He has worked at various award-winning Chinese restaurants in luxury international hotel chains, including a two Michelin star Chinese restaurant and has participated and won several culinary awards, including ‘Gold with Distinction’ at the Best of the Best Culinary Awards.

“My long-term passion for Chinese cuisine has led me to where I am today.  I constantly look for culinary competitions to attend in order to accelerate myself by gaining and training my culinary imagination and palate,” he says.  “Cantonese cuisine is all about authenticity.  To suit modern diners’ tastes and experiences, I always try to use different traditional ingredients to maintain the authenticity of the dish, while creating something unique in between.”

Our Hyatt veteran Executive Chinese Chef Li Shu Tim is very honoured to have Chef Cheong joining One Harbour Road. “Finding a talented and suitable chef is not easy, but Chef Cheong is definitely the best person for this position.” Chef Li added, “In the coming years, I will work closely with Chef Cheong and I will be responsible for overlooking the Chinese banquet team in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.”

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