Asher Goldstein

Middle Eastern


Head Chef & Partner

Originally from Israel and a native of Tel Aviv, Asher brings over more than 12 years of experience overseeing kitchen teams in Tel Aviv, Sydney and now Hong Kong. He comes from a family of cooks, including his grandmother and his father, so food and food preparation was a central part of his family life growing up. He draws inspiration not only from his home country, but also throughout the Mediterranean areas of Southern Europe, Greece and Italy, and North Africa. He enjoys using seasonal ingredients including organic produce, fabulously fresh seafood, vibrant vegetables and decadent proteins.

Driven by seasonal produce, Chef Asher presents the dishes that he himself loves to eat. His cooking philosophy is to focus on tradition, while adding his international experience to give the dishes a new lease of life, bringing out their strong, distinctive flavours. Before joining the opening team of FRANCIS, Asher was the head chef at popular restaurant, 121BC.

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