Andrew Wong (The Taste Residence)

The Taste Residence

Born and brought up in London, Andrew Wong has been immersed in the world of restaurants since childhood. In 1985, Andrew’s parents opened a Cantonese restaurant, Kym’s in Pimlico, named after Andrew’s grandmother, which is now the present location of the Michelin star restaurant A. Wong.

He left school to study chemistry at Oxford University and then anthropology at the London School of Economics before fate intervened. At the age of 22, Andrew’s father died, which proved to be the catalyst for turning his focus back to an integral part of the Wong family life: the restaurants. Determined to assist with and build on the family business, Andrew enrolled in a London culinary school where he specialised in classical French cookery and culinary science.

He left London in 2010 and set out on a working tour of China. Bursting with inspiration from his travels and fascinated by how food in China differed so dramatically according to region and culture, Andrew opened A. Wong. Since opening, Andrew has introduced diners to the cross-cultural delights and incredible variety of Chinese cuisine.

Andrew will be participating in the GREAT Festival of Innovation 21-24 March. For more information visit

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