Andrée Lefuel


Andrée’s extensive experience in fine dining kitchens, working under such esteemed masters as Daniel Boulud and Ludo Lefebvre, as well as cooking at fast-casual Greek concept, Souvla, in his native San Francisco, equip him with the ideal toolkit for the opening of Artemis & Apollo, a Greek taverna for the people on Wan Chai’s Moon Street, offering an unhurried taste of Mediterranean life.

The French-American chef is excited to bring his focused approach and experience at technique-driven restaurants to Artemis & Apollo, where flavours reminiscent of traditional tavernas are elevated using a modern approach and the best ingredients available, from Greece and elsewhere. He hopes to bring a fresh perspective and is eager to tap into a style of rustic cooking that celebrates bold flavours and fresh produce.

Growing up in San Francisco, Chef Andrée was surrounded by quality ingredients from an early age. His mother, who kept a flourishing garden, was forever bringing fresh herbs and vegetables into the kitchen and he started cooking to feed his siblings while she worked two jobs. He was already picking up some Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences – he remembers rolling batches of vine leaves with his sister as well as hanging yoghurt and peeling garlic for large family gatherings on special occasions.

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