Andrea Viglione


Andrea’s passion for cooking began in Turin at a very young age. By the age of 5, he felt a passionate love for the nature of fresh ingredients, and recalls pinching raw gnocchi from his kitchen table at home and pulling up fresh tomatoes and eggplant from the vegetable garden.

Shunning traditional culinary school in favour of real-life experience, Andrea began his professional career cooking in and around Turin at the age of sixteen, focusing predominantly on cuisine from the Piedmont region. Before long, he opened his own place – part restaurant, part bookshop. After a successful and exciting experience in Italy, he felt the pull of opportunities and unexplored lands. In 2014, he let his adventurous spirit lead him to Hong Kong.

Andrea combines his passions for quality ingredients, fresh ideas and rustic style which can be seen in Pici’s refined and full-flavoured dishes. Bringing his vast experience to Pici, Andrea lightens the kitchen with this fresh approach and warm energy.

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